Invitation Only Comedy produces high quality comedy shows and classes at different theaters and event spaces across the country.  Our shows are private events with admission strictly limited to members of our guest list and by invitation only. 


Invitation Only Comedy

By Invitation Only Comedy with Matt Taylor features the very best stand up comics in America from HBO, Comedy Central, Netflix and more. Unlike every other show we do not allow the public to buy tickets, admission is strictly by invitation only. 


Receive exclusive invitations for free tickets to the best shows in the country.  


Our shows are at private locations across the country as well as some of the biggest commercial venues for entertainment too


Our shows feature the very best comedians in the country with recent performances by Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Matt Taylor, Darrell Hammond, Nick Kroll, Tiffany Haddish and many others



Love comedy? Ever wanted to try it yourself - or learn the skills and apply them to your life?  Emerging Comics teaches you how to become a comedian - members of our list are able to attend (online) our comedy workshops for free and get free access to educational videos and articles.


We have helped over 1200 comedians begin their comedy careers with past students now touring the country and appearing on tv


We have developed a method for learning comedy that is science based and faster than any other method to learn comedy.   


We have developed an exercise that will train and develop your comedy reflex - that instinct that lets a person say the fastest funniest response possible in the moment without thinking about it.  It will change your life

How it works

Here is what to expect after you join the list.


Receive the Invitation

You will receive a text invitation to a show - use the link in the invitation visit the guest list page

Register Online

Register for your free tickets.  You will receive a confirmation email when you complete your registration.  You will also receive a check in text from us 24-48 hours prior to the show where you can ask us any questions about the shows/classes or make any special requests

Attend the Event

You will not need to print out your tickets - we will always have someone working the door who will be expecting you.  Just bring an ID and we will check you off the list.  

Join the List

For free tickets to shows, workshops, and other things of value please join our list.